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Moltke (later Stadt Magdeburg  then  Gluckauf)

Above : As Gluckauf following her purchase by Luwen Brothers and rebuilding as a passenger steamer on her return to the Rhine in the 1930s. Photo by kind courtesy of Markus Graf

Built in 1882 by Smit & Zoon, Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Length : 70.5 metres
Engine : Compound oscillating by Escher, Wyss of Zurich

Built as a flush-deck cargo and passenger vessel
Sold in 1928 to the Reederei Julius Krummling at Magdeburg on the River Elbe and renamed Stadt Magdeburg
Sold to the Reederei Luwen at Duisburg and substantially rebuilt into a passenger steamer with upper deck to resemble other Rhine passenger vessels and renamed Gluckauf
Later sailed with the banner "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength through Happiness) of the state owned leisure organisation
Bombed and sunk in 1943. Raised and back in service in 1945 but destroyed later that year by a fire at Duisburg

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