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Firth of Clyde, Scotland
Lochgoil & Lochlong Steamboat Company
This company was formed in 1825 to take advantage of the growing trade to Lochgoilhead as a route to Inveraray and Oban. New vessels were put on the service at regular intervals, culminating in the Edinburgh Castle of 1879. In 1885, the company acquired the Chancellor from the Loch Lomond Steamboat Company along with its Arrochar business, The company went into liquidation in 1909 and its assets passed to the Lochgoil & Inveraray Steamboat Company.

built in 1853 by J Barr of Glasgow 163.9 ft : 124 GRT. Engine Steeple. Later Lough Foyle for Steel & McCaskill (Derry), then  Lochness for David MacBrayne

Carrick Castle
Windsor Castle
Edinburgh Castle

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