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La Marguerite

Above : La Marguerite was the largest paddle steamer ever on coastal excursions in the UK although she was initially designed for taking passengers from the Thames across to France and Belgium. Shipbuilders Fairfield Engineering & Shipbuilding of Govan found they had to use her in one of their company-owned shipping lines after her first owners defaulted so she was allocated to the Liverpool & Northwestern Steamship Company. She ran for twenty years out of Liverpool to Llandudno and piers in the Menai Straits. She was probably too large and definitely too expensive but offered a great degree of luxury on this popular tourist route. Picture - from a post-card view seen off Bangor   

Built in 1894 by Fairfield at Govan
Engines : Compound diagonal  56 and 110 in x 72 in
Dimensions : 350.2 ft x 40 ft
1554 Gross Registered Tons

Considerably larger than any previous vessel on the Thames service, La Marguerite was mostly used on the Margate/Ramsgate run with extensions to France / Belgium
Owned by Palace Steamers and operated by the Victoria Steamboat Association but with the ship mortaged to the builders.
Fairfield foreclosed in 1894 and ran the ship as part of the newly-formed New Palace Steamers Ltd 
She became an extremely popular vessel, but was expensive to run and never consistently profitable.
Withdrawn after the 1903 season and transferred back to the builders, she was allocated to the Fairfield-owned Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Co
Served Llandudno, Beaumaris, Bangor and the Menai Bridge from Liverpool, remaining on station until 1925
Four boiler-room crew were killed in an explosion aboard when the ship was on Admiralty service in 1917 whilst serving as a cross-channel troop ship
Spent 1919 on charter to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co for service between Liverpool and Douglas
Scrapped in 1925 at Briton Ferry

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