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PS Krasnoyarsk                                                                                       River Lena, Russia 

Krasnoyarsk at Yakutsk on 20th September 2014. Photo by kind courtesy of Evgeniy Tapyev

Built : 1959 by Obuda Shipyard, Budapest
Length : 71.4 metreds x 8.25 / 15.4 m
Engines : Compound Diagonal : 450 HP 

One of the younger members of the Soviet 737 class of paddle steamers has now undergone a major renovation having been out of service since 2007
She arrived at her new home port Yakutsk on the River Lena on 14th September 2014 from Kiryensk, where she underwent repair work
Krasnoyarsk was expected to be operated by Lenaturflot, the main passenger ship operators in this region, but this appears not to have happened

Current status : unknown

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