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PS Kingswear Castle (1924)

Kingswear Castle seen cruising along the outer reaches of the River Medway in procession with PS Waverley from where this series of photos were taken on 27th September 2000 by Phil Barnes.

This meeting of the UK's two operational paddlers was an annual event undertaken in September when Waverley visited the area, but has now ceased following the transfer of Kingswear Castle to the River Dart. The Dart, her original home, is a much more picturesque area than the outer reaches of the Medway, where tidal sands are revealed and the low-lying surrounding shores provide homes for numerous industrial complexes. Only once the estuary narrows and takes on more river-like proportions closer to Rochester does the scenery begin to resemble something more akin to the expected habitat of a tourist-orientated pleasure steamer


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