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Firth of Clyde, Scotland
Captain John Williamson (1892-1919)
John Williamson entered into private steamboat ownership in competition with his elder brothers James and Alex who managed the CSP and GSWR railway fleets respectively. Williamson was a partner in the Turbine Steamers Syndicate formed in 1901 to manage the revolutionary TS King Edward and remained as manager when the syndicate was incorporated as a limited company in 1902. In 1919 the fleet was merged with the Buchanan fleet to form Williamson-Buchanan Steamers Ltd, which ran in close coordination with Turbine Steamers Ltd. Williamson purchased two of his father's former Turkish Fleet (Sultan and Sultana) once the GSWR had introduced its newly-built tonnage but did order three new steamers directly.
Steamers Purchased
PS Benmore
PS Ardmore (ex-Sultan)
PS Sultana
PS Marquis of Bute
PS Kylemore (ex-Britannia, ex-Vulcan)

New Build
PS Glenmore
PS Strathmore
PS Queen-Empress

Other Vessels
PS Athole - purchased in 1898 but not operated by John Williamson and scrapped
SS Alert -
screw steamer purchased in 1900 for cargo service. Sold in 1901
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