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Hotel Aquamarina  (ex- Pamjaty Azina, ex- Kharkov, ex- )

Above : Photo taken at Budapest in 2008 by Szolt Szabo

Built in 1903
Length : 96.6 m
Hull breadth : 10.8 m (18.8 m overall)

Built in 1903 for use on Russian rivers and named Grand Duke Alexander Mihkailovich, then Kharkov and later Pamjaty Tovaritscha Azina and finally Pamjaty Azina running in service until around 1994.
Sold for use in Albania. Renovated at Vac in Hungary prior to delivery 1995-1996.
The Albanian project fell through and the ship remained in Hungary.
Since 2006, used as a hotel ship located on the western bank of the River Danube in the northern suburbs of Budapest, Hungary until moved to Visegrad in 2022
Boiler removed in 2008 

Hotel Aquamarina 2006 Z Szabo.jpg.JPG

Above : At Ujpest shipyard, 1st April 2006 by Zsolt Szabo

Hotel Aquamarina 290812 EC.jpg

Above : In 2012. Photo by kind courtesy of Enrico Crosti

Hotel Aquamarina Room.jpg

Hotel Aqumarina Communal Room.jpg

Hotel Aquamarina Engines.jpg

Cabin on board the Hotel

Communal dining room

The steam engines have been retained

Photos by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo, taken on 18th June 2009



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