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South Coast of England - Sussex Coast
Hastings & St. Leonards / Hastings, St Leonards and Eastbourne Steamship Co
Formed by Mr A Payne, who had bought PS Carrick Castle in 1885 and reconstituted as the Hastings, St Leonards's and Eastbourne Steampship Co in 1888 with involvement from messrs Wood and Buckett. The latter was a local wine merchant who had operated PS Nelson on charter in 1887. Carrick castle was replaced by a screw steamer, Lady Brassey, but she was in turn quickly replaced by Seagull, a tug with a passenger certificate, similar to PS Conqueror which had been used on charter in 1889. In 1892, the paddler PS Glen Rosa was chartered.

Two older paddlers were purchased to run a cross-channel service in 1895 and 1896. These were the former railway-owned cross-channel steamer PS Alexandra, and PS Ruby which had spent much of her time on the Channel Islands route. PS Bonnie Princess was brough from North Wales and used during the 1896 season. A new steamer was purchased for the 1897 season and named Britannia.

The Hastings Company suffered immediately from the presence of the Campbell fleet at Brighton. Early in 1904, Britannia was sold and after the 1904 season Alexandra was sold for scrapping, thus ending the interests of the company in the steamer trade.

Carrick Castle
Lady Brassey
Bonnie Princess

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