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DEPV Geneve                                                        Operating Area : Lake Geneva, Switzerland
DEPV Geneve at her Geneva berth in 2007.  In the background, PS Savoie leaves Jardin Anglais pier
Built 1896 by Sulzer Brothers at Winterthur, Switzerland
Engines: Compound Diagonal 725 and 1050 mm x 1400 mm : until 1932 - Diesel electric from 1934

Entered service in 1896
Famously she was at the quayside in Geneva at the scene of the assassination of  Empress Elisabeth  "Sisi" of Austria (and Queen of Hungary) in 1898 and she boarded briefly after being stabbed
Became the first vessel in Europe converted to diesel-electric drive in 1934
On conversion her "clipper" bow and tall steamer funnel were replaced
Withdrawn in 1973 and remains in static use at Geneva
Retains her ability to move under her own power when required

Her owners, the Association Le Bateau Geneve, are a charitable organisation supported both by private and public donations providing a day centre for young people. As well as providing meals for those who might normally not be able to feed themselves, social and educational events are held to assist the youngsters in regaining confidence with the aim of full reintegration into society. Beneficiaries of the services are also expected to contribute to the provision of the services - and to the physical conservation of the vessel. Their website is at :

Click here to take a tour of Geneve in 2016 : Photos by kind courtesy of Olivier Bachmann

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