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PT Ersekcsanad

Ersekcsnad Z Szabo 2011 A.jpg

The former Danube paddle tug lies as a musuem ship having been saved from the breakers in 1979 and opened to the public after restoration in 1983. The tug was built in 1923 for Bayischen Lloyd but came into Hungarian hands in 1956, twelve years after her sinking in the Danube after hitting a mine. Originally named Ruthof, she was renamed after the location where she sank and she served for the Hungarian state operator MAHART until 1975 running the entire length of the Danube up as far as Regensburg.

Engines : Compound Diagonal

Ersekcsnad Z Szabo 2.jpg.jpg

Ersekcsnad Z Szabo 3.jpg.jpg

Photos taken at Regensburg in 2011 shown by kind courtesy of Zsolt Szabo

Website of Ersekcsanad at the Donau Schiffahrtsmuseum at Regensburg

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