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British & Irish Steam Packet Co  
Established in Dublin in 1836. Cooperated closely with the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company.  Developed routes to the south coast of England and London as well as down the east coast of Ireland.  Moved to order screw steamships rather than paddle steamers.
In 1917 it became part of the Coast Lines conglomerate and remained so until sold to the Irish Governement in 1965 and developed for modern cross-sea services before privatising the company in 1992
Within the Coast Lines group it took over the business of the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company on the latter's liquidation in 1924

Shannon  (1836-xxxx) Built in 1826 by H Fletcher, son & Fearnall for the Dublin & London SP Co. 153 ft : 550 GRT. Engine by Fawcett & Co
City of Limerick (1836-1852) Built in Liverpool. 143 ft : 459 GRT : Engine by Fawcett & Co :   Sold to the City of Dublin SP Co
Duke of Cornwall (1842) Built in Liverpool. 170.8 ft : 706 GRT : Engine by Fawcett & Co

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