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South Coast of England - Sussex Coast
Captain J Lee  (1887-1891)
Brighton, Worthing & South Coast Steamship Company (1891-1901)

Captain J Lee (1901-1913)

Formed by Captain J Lee in 1891 to operate services out of Brighton. Lee had operated steamers from this resort since 1887 on his own account and was the main force in the Brighton company, which bought PS Princess May new in 1893 and added the much larger Brighton Queen in 1897. Lee parted from the Brighton Company in 1901, setting up once again on his own account and soon afterwards, the company was sold to Bristol Channel operators P and A Campbell who were to become the main coastal operators at Brighton for many years.
Captain Lee's vessels
Sea Breeze  
(ex- Adela)
Steamship Company Purchases
Princess May
Brighton Queen

Vessels on charter
Lorna Doone (in 1896)
Jupiter (in 1900)

Captain Lee's vessels after 1901
Worthing Belle
Sussex Belle

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