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Bodensee (Lake Constance), Austrian Fleet
Lake Constance is bordered by Switzerland, Germany and Austria with each country operating its own fleets but visiting "foreign" ports. The Austrian State Railways opened a service from Bregenz to the German port of Konstanz on September 15th, 1884. Despite only having a short coastline on the lake, Austria has maintained its presence on the lake, with a fleet of traditional motor vessels. The last paddler, PS Stadt Bregenz was built in 1910 and had a life of 55 years.

Above : Stadt Bregenz, the final design of paddle steamer for Austrian services
Source : Vorarlberger Landesmuseum : Risch-Lau postcard. Published cropped under CC Licence :

Austria (1884-1926, renamed Bezau in 1919)
Habsburg (1884-1919, renamed Schruns in 1919)
Kaiser Franz Josef (1885-1937, renamed Dornbirn in 1919)
Kaiserin Elisabeth (1887-1954, renamed Bludenz in 1919)
Kaiserin Maria Theresia (1892-1932, renamed Feldkirch in 1919)
Stadt Bregenz (1910-1965)

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