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Bangor Castle (ex - Palmerston)
Built in 1864 by T Wingate at Glasgow
Engines : 2 cylinder simple diagonal
Dimensions : 191 ft x 22 ft
250 Gross Registered Tons

Built for Thames service as Palmerston
Sold for sailing between Belfast and Bangor from 1873 initially on charter
Sold to the Bangor & Larne Steamboat Co in 1887, being renamed  Bangor Castle
On charter for the Southampton, Isle of Wight & South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. in 1888.
On liquidation of the Bangor & Larne company she was taken over by the Belfast & County Down Railway but appears to have remained in England much of the time
From 1894 sailed out of Plymouth for the Plymouth Excursion Steamship Company
Scrapped in 1899

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