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Balmoral 1900 M Brown coll.jpg
Post card view kindly supplied by Michael Brown from his collection
Built in 1900 by S McKnight at Ayr
Engines : Compound diagonal 36.5 x 66.5 in x 66 in by Hutson of Glasgow
Dimensions : 236 ft x 27.1 ft
473 Gross Registered Tons

Built for the Southampton, Isle of Wight & South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Co
With full-length promenade deck and fast speed (average 19.25 knots on trial), she took the prestige excursion trips
Regularly visited the Sussex and Devon coasts and crossed to Cherbourg in France.
Her speed came with expense and she was only used during the peak summer seasons.
Reboilered for the 1908 season and again on reconditioning after service in World War I
Requisitioned in February 1915 she started as a trooper then became a minesweeper at Portland
Returned to peacetime service in 1921
In World War II she served as an anti-aircraft ship on the Thames and as an accommodation ship on the Clyde.
Returned to Southampton in January 1947 but on account of her poor condition, not refitted.
Moved to the breaker’s yard on December 31st 1948 and dismantled during 1949.

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