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German North Sea Coast and Islands
Ballin's Dampfschiff-Rheederei-Gesellschaft / Nordsee-Linie Dampfschiffahrts AG
Founded in 1889 by Albert Ballin, who was the director and driving force of the HAPAG company's ocean liner business and as such, one of the most important businessmen in Imperial Germany. The company became the Nordsee-Linie in 1897 before being absorbed into the HAPAG company in 1904.

Poster advertising Ballin's daily Imperial mail service with Prinzessin Heinrich, Prinzess Elisabeth and Balder (Post card from the Gordon Stewart collection)


Freia (1889-1896) : launched 1885 - scrapped in 1929
Cobra (1890)
: launched 1889 - scrapped in 1922
Prinzessin Heinrich (1896)
: scrapped in 1923

Silvana (1897) - sold for scrap Nov 1924
Kaiser (1905) - ordered by Nordsee, but when built, went straight to the HAPAG fleet - scrapped in 1954

Vessels passing to HAPAG : PS Cobra, PS Prinzessin Heinrich, SS Silvana, TS Kaiser
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German North Sea Coast and Islands