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Algeciras & Gibraltar Railway Co
The railway was a major engineering enterprise undertaken by British engineers and financiers to link the Gibraltar garrison with Ronda in Andalucia primarily for use by British people stationed there. Rather than build directly from the Rock, the line started across the bay at the Spanish town of Algeciras in what was no doubt a political move to avoid antagonism regarding the status of Gibraltar. As a result, the link to the Rock was by ferry and paddle steamer Elvira was purchased to provide this service.

Elvira  (1892-1913)
Built by Blackwood & Gordon at Port Glasgow
113.3 ft : 129 GRT
Engine : Compound diagonal 20 and 34 in x 36 in by Rankin & Blackmore of Greenock
Survived at Seville until the 1930s ?

Margarita (1896-1913)
Built by Blackwood & Gordon at Port Glasgow
131.6 ft : 169 GRT
Engine : Compound diagonal 20 and 34 in x 42 in by Rankin & Blackmore of Greenock

Survived at Algeciras into the 1930s ?

Island Queen (1898-
Built in 1878 by John Reid & Co at Port Glasgow
125.1 ft : 97 GRT
Built for the Southsea & Ventnor Steamship Co and used on the Solent in the UK


Compania de los Ferrocarriles Andaluces, Algeciras

Built in 1905 by Armstrong Whitworth & Co at Low Walker, Newcastle
139 ft : 228 GRT
Engine : 2 cylinder  20 and 36 in x 42 in by Bow. McLachlan of  Paisley
Later owned by the Cia de Vapor la Punta de Europa and then by JQ Vercher at Algeciras. At Cadiz in the 1940s as Ruzafa

M H Bland & Co

Established as a shipping agent in Gibraltar port  in 1810, the company continues to exist in agency, marine services, stevedoring and tourism services in Gibraltar and the surrounding region.
The first ship actually owned was the tug ADELIA, bought in 1865 from local owner John Mackintosh who had bought the Tyne-built ship in 1861, one year after its launch. Services were developed between Gibraltar and Tangier and further tugs were added including the Tyne-built paddle tug HERCULES (1866-1903)

Gibel Musa
Built in 1896 by R Duncan & Co at Port Glasgow
150.2 ft : 374 GRT
Engine : Compound diagonal 23 and 43 in x 45 in
Sold to new owners at Genoa in 1930 and hulked shortly afterwards

A Mateos & Sons

Magnus (1864-1865)
Built by C Mitchell & Co, Low Walker, Northumberland
220 ft : 519 GRT
Engines : 2 cyl. by R Stephenson & Co of Newcastle.
Built as Waverley for the North British Steam Packet Company's Silloth-Dublin route
Returned to engine builders as deemed unsatisfactory
Sold to the Leith & Clyde Steam Navigation Co for use out of Aberdeen, serving Orkney and Shetland, as St Magnus
Reengined by J Howden & Co of Glasgow in 1875
Sold for use in Gibraltar in 1904 and renamed Magnus, operating between Algeciras and Tangier
Scrapped in 1912 at Rotterdam

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